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Operating Hours

Dining Room

Monday - Friday

11:30 am till 10 pm

Saturday 8 am to 10 pm

Sunday  8 am to 9 pm


Monday - Tuesday

11:30am - 12:00am

Wednesday - Friday

11:30 am to 1 am

Saturday 8am - 1am

Sunday 8am - 12am

Happy Hour

Saturday - Thursday

4 pm - 6 pm

9 pm - midnight


The History of the

Wedgwood Broiler

In 1965, the restaurant building was constructed by Albert Balch, using as its foundation the existing asphalt parking lot.  The small, original restaurant was called “Sir Wedgwood,” operated with a tiny service bar.  Mr. Embry W. Rooks, a gentleman who spent 25 years in the produce business, acquired the lease on December 15, 1968.  In July 1969, a planned expansion (coordinated with Mr. Balch) took place when Mr. Rooks consulted Glen Jensen, the owner of Blazes Broiler, who redesigned and placed the restaurant in its present configuration, renaming it “Wedgwood Broiler” with the assistance of his partner, James R. Anderson, who owned the restaurant until February of 1996.

On March 1, 1996 the restaurant was purchased by longtime employee Derek A. Cockbain. Derek, who grew up in Wedgwood, started at the Broiler as a dishwasher right out of Nathan Hale high school. From there he moved in to the kitchen as the day cook and later on the Kitchen Manager.

The restaurant is a focal point for the Wedgwood neighborhood and the surrounding residential areas, including the University of Washington.  One of the major reasons for its continued growth is the friendliness of the customers and employees, both of whom often feel they are part owners whenever a change in décor, menu, wine, cocktails or uniforms is involved.

The Wedgwood area was named by Mrs. Albert Balch, the name derived from Wedgwood China Dinnerware, which was her favorite.  Wedgwood is correctly spelled without the second "e."

Wedgwood has been somewhat altered by the broiler to represent “Old Logging Wood,” and the many logging pictures on its walls provide a history of the early 1900’s in the Olympic Peninsula and Mt. Baker areas.  All the frames were made by the local Art Treasures Frame Center, owned and operated by Robert Groves.

Wedgwood Broiler menu features choice steaks “by the ounce,” together with a full array of high quality family fare at reasonable prices, daily lunch and dinner specials, plus fine wines, “hand poured” cocktails, and our signature “special” martinis and manhattans.


Last modified: 12/01/14